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Reliable Refrigeration Equipment and Solutions

When you’re shopping around for commercial kitchen refrigeration equipment, you want a supplier that’s an authorized dealer of top brands, provides the most valued price and is staffed by a team of well-trained commercial kitchen experts. Not only do you get an unbeatable selection and top-quality service here, We’re one of the leading’s top commercial kitchen refrigeration distributor, and can even provide you with professional food service consulting and kitchen design services based on your individual needs and budget.

Our selection of commercial kitchen supplies includes everything from cutting-edge bar, bakery and glass door equipment to refrigeration equipment, supplies and appliances that can handle large volumes. It doesn’t matter if you’re operating a brick-and-mortar restaurants or a mini mart, Ty Innovations can outfit your business with the supplies required to boost efficiency, sales and productivity. We have commercial ice machines, refrigerators and chillers, walk-in cold room and freezers, beverage systems, and many more supplies that will help transform your commercial kitchen so it can handle even the most demanding needs.

Thoughtful, Professional Commercial Cold Chain Design

If you’re in the market not only for the best food refrigeration equipment at the best value price, but also need a professional’s design eye, Ty Innovations is a great partner. Our professional refrigeration consultants and designers will come up with cold chain design that suits your exact needs and budget, and one that can save you a substantial of money on the costs associated with energy, NEA department requirements, efficiency and overhead.

Please call our trained sales consultants at 6779 4500 to get help with items online or products featured in our offline catalog.